1. We provide excellent, loving care to your pet.
  2. We will make sure your pet gets lots of play time and attention while we are visiting.
  3. Our visits are 20-30 minutes long, even longer if we have more time!
  4. If needed, medications can be given to cooperative pets.
  5. Of course we will provide fresh food and water.
  6. Litter boxes will be cleaned for cats, and bird droppings out of bird cages if your bird allows it!
  7. Should your pet have any accidents while you are away, we will clean them up to the best of our ability.
  8. If you would like reports on how your pet is doing, we will call you at mutually convenient times.
  9. We will taxi your pet to the groomer, or to the veterinarian if your pet is ill.
  10. Included with our pet visit fees, we will at your request:
  11. All of the above house sitting services can be provided even if you have no pets!
    If there is a house sitting service you need that is not listed here, please let us know.
  12. If you are not traveling, but still need assistance with any of these things (such as walking your dog),
        we will be happy to help. Because our hours are flexible and our service is local, we can often assist
        without a lot of advance notice.


We hope you find our rates very reasonable. We will donate 10% of everything we earn to charity.



A visit to feed, water, and walk your dog is $15.00 for the first dog, with a $5.00 charge
for each additional dog.

We can also come and just walk your dog for a $15.00 charge, with a $5.00 charge
for each additional dog. Because we are providing services to our local area, we
can usually accept short notice.



A cat visit is $12.00 for the first cat, with a $3.00 charge for each additional cat.

We assume you don't want us to walk your cat! But we will make sure he has a clean litter box and fresh food and water. If your cat is like ours and loves treats, we will give him some of those too!



Visits for all other pets, such as reptiles or birds, will be $9.00 for the first pet, and a $1.00 charge for each additional pet in this "other" category.



If you have no pets, we provide house sitting services for $10.00 per visit. Otherwise, these services are included in our pet sitting fee. House sitting services include watering plants, bringing in mail and newspapers, taking out trash, and adjusting lights and drapes.



Taxi service to drop off and/or pick up your pet to/from your local groomer or
veterianarian is $20.00.
Any emergency visits to the veterinarian will be $25.00 per hour.

For multiple pets of the same or different species, the first pet will be charged at the full rate, and the
"additional pet fee" will be charged for each additional pet only once per day. For multiple visits per day,
there will be no additional pet fee after the first visit. Example: You would like 2 visits each day for 2 days
to care for a cat and a dog. The charge would be $18 for the first visit, and $15 for the second visit on each day.
However, the additional pet fee will apply to each dog walking service.

*At this time we do not do overnight visits.     **Prices are subject to change.

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