We are a home school family that wanted to start a local pet and house sitting business. Our schedules are flexible to accommodate your needs. We love all kinds of animals, and we know many of the dogs in the neighborhood already. Chances are, if we have seen you in the neighborhood, we have asked to pet your dog! What better way to meet more animals than to have the opportunity to take care of them? We are good with animals too. We even tease our youngest sister, saying she is a relative of Dr. Doolittle because even the llamas at the zoo try to play with her. Collectively, we have owned all kinds of animals, from dogs and cats, to fish and birds. Our mom even owned a ferret!

Apart from enjoying animals, we have many other interests and activites that we are involved in. In fact, we had originally planned to insert pictures of each of us with our own little biography. But we were advised not to for Internet security purposes. Instead, we will share photos of our current pet family members that we love so much.

With the exception of our mom, we have lived in this area all of our lives. Our mom practiced as a nurse in Miami and as an attorney in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach before having us. She is our teacher, our mentor, and now our business advisor! She will be with us each and every visit to your home. So don't be concerned about hiring school age kids to pet and house sit. Mom is there to supervise everything so all is under control!

We've had experience with pet sitters in the past not bothering to bring in trash cans, newspapers, or even clean our bird's cage. We have returned home to not only a mess inside, but a house that would attract the attention of any burglar outside - with days of old newspapers in the front yard. We promise never to do that. We understand how important it is to have the peace of mind that not only your beloved pets are being well cared for, but that your house is safe and secure as well. It is often important that your house looks "lived in" even when you are away. In other words, we are committed to providing you the best service possible.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity.

Savanah, Cassady, Amanda & Gina Hyland

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