Quinnphoto    Rustyphoto    Oreophoto    Chugsleyphoto   
         Quinn                          Rusty                          Oreo                          Chugsley

Libbyphoto    Spankyphoto    Bellaphoto    Slaterphoto   
         Libby                          Spanky                          Bella                            Slater

Charliephoto    Samiphoto    Mattyphoto    Joeyphoto   
         Charlie                          Sami                          Matty                            Joey

Bellaphoto    Ladyphoto    Pocophoto    Otisphoto   
         Bella                             Lady                             Poco                              Otis

Kelseyphoto    Charliephoto    Murrayphoto    Buddhaphoto   
         Kelsey                          Charlie                        Murray                      Buddha

Charliephoto    Queeniephoto    FosterPetBootsphoto    FosterPetMittensphoto   
         Charlie                        Queenie              Foster Pet Boots     Foster Pet Mittens

Gunnerphoto    Buffetphoto    Beaciphoto    Jasperphoto   
         Gunner                        Buffet                         Beaci                            Jasper

Rilophoto    Keelyphoto    Bundiphoto    Ninaphoto   
         Rilo                               Keely                           Bundi                            Nina

Halliphoto    Charliephoto    Buttercuphoto    Rhamiphoto   
         Halli                           Charlie                       Buttercup                      Rhami

Ponyphoto    Makersphoto    MrMagoophoto    Coconutphoto   
         Pony                       Makers Mark                 Mr. Magoo                     Coconut

Wigglesphoto    Jigglesphoto    Blanquitaphoto    Sammyphoto   
         Wiggles                       Jiggles                      Blanquita                     Sammy

Felixphoto    Oreophoto    Cookiephoto    Marleyphoto   
           Felix                            Oreo                           Cookie                         Marley

ChocolateMilkphoto    Milkyphoto    Titophoto    Pascalphoto   
  Chocolate Milk                 Milky                            Tito                           Pascal

Fluffyphoto    Sukiphoto    Samphoto    Tigerphoto   
            Fluffy                                Suki                         Sam                           Tiger


We invite you to share your testimonials whenever we care for your home or your pets.


"I had a sudden death in my family and this pet sitting service was recommended to me by Clay Walker, the Police Chief of Manalapan. They came over to my home immediately, were responsive to my needs, and handled all of the logistics with a minimum of disruption. When I returned back to Florida, the cat room was spotless, the litter box clean, and the water bowls full. The price of the service was incredibly reasonable given their thorough and professional service. I recommend ManalaPet Sitters wholeheartedly, and without any reservations." Mr. Kenny Wachtel, owner of Shadow and Taffy.


"The girls at ManalaPet Sitters have provided us with house sitting services on several occasions, including watering and maintaining a wide variety of potted plants and shrubs. The plants always looked better on our return than when we departed. They have performed in a very professional manner above and beyond our expectations, and their written report in many instances notes things that they have done or observed that we would not expect. We highly recommend them." Mr. John and Mrs. Kathleen Smith, Manalapan.



"The girls do a wonderful job sitting for my son's 110 lb. White German Shephard. They have perfect control, yet allow 'Quinn' to have a great time. In fact, Quinn's tail is always wagging at his first sight of the girls. Quinn and I recommend the girls without reservation of any sort." Mr. Bill Bernstein, part-time guardian of Quinn.



"When I received the flier from ManalaPet Sitters a few years ago, the timing was perfect, as my usual cat/house sitter had moved away. Their professionalism impressed me from their very first visit, and they have since taken wonderful care of my cat Slater and my home many times. They have been very accommodating with last minute requests. They are reliable, efficient, and thorough. Most importantly all the girls and their mother are truly kind and thoughtful people, who live up to their commitment to care for animals as if they were their own. Slater comes running to greet them, and I always know he is in good hands. The other services they provide, such as taking mail in, watering plants, and other thoughtful gestures are also appreciated. I highly recommend ManalaPet Sitters!" Ms. Kathleen Horrigan, owner of Slater.



"ManalaPet Sitters to the rescue! These young ladies were prompt, professional, and prepared! With Mom's supervision, Savanah, Cassady, and Amanda took thorough notes about how to care for my pet, practiced handling his leash and muzzle, and even called me with updates while I was away. I would recommend ManalaPetSitters to anyone who cares about the health, happiness, and well-being of their pets. ManalaPet Sitters are compassionate, knowledgeable, and trustworthy." Ms. Allison Goff, owner of Rusty.



"We are a one cat family living on Hypoluxo Island. Whenever we travel and leave Oreo (our admittedly sometimes difficult cat!) in the care of ManalaPet Sitters we know that she is in good hands. The girls are responsible, reliable and conscientious. It is obvious that they are real animal lovers, and that makes us feel comfortable when we are away. It is also very reassuring to know that the mail will be brought in, the garbage cans put out or in as needed, and that our veggie garden will be well watered if there is no rain in the forecast! Oreo gives them her 'MEOW' of approval!" Mrs. Challis Bloom, owner of Oreo.



"We had a family trip planned to Philadelphia, and the person we had lined up to house sit and dog watch had to cancel. Our biggest concern was what to do with our 6 month old yellow lab, 'Chugsley'. We did not want to put him in a kennel. I remembered the article on the ManalaPet Sitters that I had seen in the paper, and gave the girls a call. Savanah, Cassady and Amanda visited our home before the trip to get acquainted with Chugsley, and to see what other small jobs we would like to have done in our absence. Supervised by mom, the girls were very professional and conscientious, and most importantly, Chugsley loves them! I will not hesitate to call on them for any future dog or house sitting needs." Mrs. Leah Carmo, owner of Chugsley.


Spanky and Bella

"Thank you ManalaPet Sitters for taking such good care of Spanky and Bella. I am sure they will want us to go away more often with all of the attention they received from Savanah, Cassady, and Amanda. I will not hesitate to call these girls again. They are so professional. I was very impressed with the report on the dogs and the little extras - mail, lights, etc. I will recommend ManalaPet Sitters to all of my friends." Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Susan Miller, owners of Spanky and Bella.


Charlie and Sami

"Feeling confident that Sami and Charlie, our family dog and cat, were being treated with utmost care by the ManalaPet Sitters, I was able to fully enjoy our most recent vacation. The email updates were very helpful. My pets enjoyed the twice daily visits while in their comfortable and familiar surroundings of home. I appreciated the professional services that the ManalaPet Sitters provided, as well as the following:

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