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What you feed your pet is critical.

Dog & Cat Food

You can increase the life span of your pet with proper nutrition. It is a scientific fact that an average size dog
should live to be 27 years old and a cat should live to age 30, according to Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM.

Dr. Bicks has formulated Life's Abundance, a high quality food for dogs and cats. It was recommened to us, and we
will pass on that excellent recommendation to you.

Life's Abundance Foods are made with the freshest, all-natural ingredients for advanced nutrition for your pets.
Corn, wheat products, and artificial flavors or colors are never used. Best of all, these products are shipped direct
to your door, and their prices are not out of control either! We did a price comparison after switching to Life's
Abundance, and found that we were in fact spending less for healthier food!

View the video clip below to find out what is put in many pet foods (ick!), then click the links to compare your current pet food's ingredients & costs to Life's Abundance food. We have also included a link to the Pet Food Calculator to tell you how much Life's Abundance food your pet should eat based on weight.

Watch: The Truth About Pet Food (clip) that explains what is REALLY in many pet foods.

Compare prices and nutrition information between Life's Abundance and some of the current brands of dog or cat food:

To find out the amount of Life's Abundance food your pet should eat each day, click on the Pet Food Calculator on this linked page:


If you would like to give this food a try, reorder, or check out their many other products, use this link:

Bird Food

www.harrisonsbirdfoods.comPremium Certified Organic Bird Foods
Dr. Harrison told us that the life of birds is greatly reduced in captivity because these birds don't get the right diet.
He spent many years researching what birds in the wild eat, and worked to formulate a similar diet that birds in
captivity would eat. He finally succeeded. Our mom has fed our bird Dr. Harrison's diet for many years now.
Our bird is now 25 years old. Dr. Harrison owned and operated The Bird Hospital in Lake Worth before
leaving a few years ago to spend more time with his bird food business.

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Vitamin Supplements

NuVet holistic natural supplements for cats and dogs provide the very best human-grade, natural ingredients, and utilize
the latest advances in medical, veterianary and nutritional science to help increase your pet's longevity and quality of life.
You can find out more about these dietary supplements at:

If you purchase from NuVet, we won't earn any type of commission. However, we were given permission by the company
to put this on our website if we informed you of a business code number through which it was sold. The code we use to
order is # 51959. It is the code number of the breeder from whom we adopted our cat, Desert Willow Aussies.

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Veterinarian Recommendations



For Cats Only Medical Surgical
2140 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33409
(561) 687-1188


We do not currently have a recommendation specifically for dogs. If you have a veterinarian that
you love and would like to recommend to others, please email us his or her name and the reason
for your preference, and we may list it here.

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